Testimonial 9

I have been a patient of Dr. Kar, for over 20 years, and I can honestly say that there is not a physician I trust more. Not only is she brilliant, but she is compassionate, and cares deeply about her patients. She watches over us all, which makes us feel safe and protected. Her staff is the best, anywhere.It is a privilege to call her my Doctor.


Testimonial 1

I was referred to Dr. Kar about a decade ago because, although asymptomatic, a heart CT Scan revealed the presence of significant hereditary plaque.(My father died at age 49 of a sudden massive coronary.).

Since that time Dr Kar has discovered and managed other congenital heart abnormalities and two arrhythmias. Thankfully with no modifications to my very active lifestyle. Dr. Kar’s holistic approach treats “me” and not just my heart health. I find visits to her office very calming and never feel rushed, She is vigilant in taking and updating the health history of all my family and regularly updates what is going on in my life, my level of physical activity, detailed information on my diet and based on the latest blood panels and diagnostic tests readjust my meds and supplements. Her thorough approach and follow up gives me total confidence in my physical and emotional wellbeing.

Simply put, Dr Kar is the best physician I have ever known and her only downside is, apparently, she can’t be cloned.


Testimonial 2

My Family and I have been Dr Kar’s Patients for more than 25 years.
With her Medical expertise she uncovers every condition and has a cure for them.
Dr.Kar is an Extraordinarily Dedicated Doctor and a Human Being and I admire her and her Team.
Truly a 5 Star Team.


Testimonial 8

I have been a longtime patient of Dr. Kar and she is by far the most informed, attentive, thorough and caring doctor I’ve ever had – honestly, she literally saved my life! Not to mention she has the best support team in LA. Also, my profession requires me to travel extensively and Dr. Kar has always gone the extra mile and made herself available (even outside business hours), no matter what part of the country or world I’m in. I don’t know what I’d do without her!
Highly, highly, highly recommend!

Testimonial 3

I have been a patient of Dr. Kar for over 17 years and quite literally, she has saved my life. She is kind, intelligent, thorough and the best doctor I know. As the son and brother of doctors, I have had a broad range of experiences with different physicians in my life but when faced with a literal life threatening illness, I was fortunate to be introduced to Sheila who not only changed the trajectory of my physical condition but became a friend in the process. I consider myself to be so lucky to have her in my life.  No problem is too big nor too small for her and her office is a place filled with warmth and kindness, modeled on her demeanor.

Testimonial 4

Dr. Kar is an excellent knowledgeable physician with years of experience. She has a refreshing no nonsense attitude which greatly reduces the apprehension one feels with medical issues. What makes her a great physician though is her deeply caring nature for her patients and their families. Dr. Kar’s patients become in effect members of an extended family. But her caring is not limited to patients but expands to the entire community. Dr. Kar has devoted herself to the “Sheila Kar Health Foundation” created to improve health practices and disease prevention in the entire community. With her efforts the foundation provides scholarships, health education, family relief, etc. to many.

Testimonial 5

Dr. Sheila Kar was there for me when I needed an emergency stent, and when I say “there for me,” I mean that literally. She never left my side during any of the procedures, for which she provided me with the best care imaginable. Dr. Kar has also been there for me when I’ve had a cold, reflux, a stress test, a mammogram, a mole, and hives, to name but a few. On those occasions, when I’ve needed a specialist, she not only sends me to the best, but calls ahead to ensure I get the same kind of care she provides. Her entire office shares her values and work ethic. Whenever I call for whatever reason, they handle it efficiently: if I need a prescription, a referral or just a friendly voice to assure me, they are the ones I count on. I am proud to be a patient of Dr. Kar.

Testimonial 6

Dr. Sheila Kar is not only an outstanding cardiologist but an internist as well. I usually don’t take the time to write a review but this time I made an exception for I found both Dr. Kar and her office staff to be genuinely concerned and caring. Dr. Kar is thorough, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. She spends an inordinate amount of time in getting to know her patients in detail. This allows her to better diagnose all issues.

My confidence in Dr. Kar has led me to recommend her to many of my friends and neighbors. They equally agree with my assessment.  

Testimonial 7

Dr. Kar in addition to being a top-rate cardiologist is a caring, knowledgeable and skillful physician who genuinely cares for the people in her care. She takes the time to really listen and understands her patients’ needs and concerns.

Testimonial 10

Dr. Sheila Kar is truly our angel. Dr. Kar is an amazing, brilliant doctor and also is a confident and compassionate person. During a time, when everyone else around the world just seemed so unsure of what to do to treat a patient with covid 19, a patient that already has many underlying conditions including diabetes and heart disease, Dr. Kar stood strong, and worked with us and our team of doctors. She was there for us literally 24 hours a day during our scariest days, calming our fears and guiding us through each step. It’s at times like this, when you face a life and death situation, that you realize the difference between the average and the extraordinary.